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The Benefits of Treatment:

Addiction is a disease which can be treated and recovery is possible. The foundation of recovery is the support of others and accountability to one’s self.

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A major obstacle in beginning treatment is the still pervasive attitude that substance addiction is a moral weakness only experienced by people who are somehow inferior to the rest of us. As a result, the substance abuser either hides or convinces themselves that they can overcome the problem on their own.

Once a person begins treatment, the individual is educated about the disease and its progression when a person continues to abuse alcohol or other drugs. For many people, it is recommended that group counseling begin in order to explore what issues brought them to the program. Also key, is the expectation of abstinence from all substances of abuse during this process.

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Over time, the person begins to understand their experience as it relates to others. They also develop trust with group members and begin to talk about experiences that they were ashamed to share with friends or family members. It is the counselor’s job to keep the group “working” and on task and evaluate members’ progress as they address key issues. An important adjunct to treatment is involvement in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings which are important to understanding the disease of addiction and a way to develop a long lasting, 24-7 support network.