6423 Frederick Road.
Suite B
Baltimore MD 21228


Our confidential services are available to adults dealing with alcohol/drug abuse or addiction. The program provides help for individuals who are having problems with retaining a driver’s license, being arrested for other charges, marital/relationship problems, or problems at work.

Individual intake/evaluation appointments can be made when convenient.

Evaluation – Required for all clients - $140

Substance Abuse and DUI Education Program – 12 hours - $190

Extended Education – 7 sessions after completing the 12 hour program for those clients who do not meet criteria for treatment but have a history of alcohol drug/abuse– Sliding Scale based on income

Treatment Program – 20-26 sessions, depending on the need to attend the education phase – Sliding scale

Individual Session – Sliding Scale fee (minimum $40)

Urinalysis – Provided by Friends Lab – Full screen $33.00

Questions? – Contact Robert Armstrong 410-788-4360